Milkwood: Real skills for down-to-earth living

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2018. 260x210mm, 272pp, col photos and illustrations thru, softcover.

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et ways to help yourself and help your environment – growing tomatoes, growing mushrooms, keeping bees, harvesting seaweed, and gathering wild food. They’ve done it, they’ve taught others to do it in their very popular classes, now here’s the book. I can’t give a stronger recommendation than that of David Holmgren: ‘From two of Australia’s most energetic and capable permaculture communicators … a book that draws on more than a decade of passion and experience both learning and communicating practical skills powered by permaculture ethics and principles. Beautifully presented and inspiring.’ In the staking tomatoes section, I learnt how to tie a bowline knot: 1. Bunny runs out of the hole. 2. Behind the tree. 3. And back in the hole. With illustrations. I love it!