Honey and Pollen Flora of South-Eastern Australia

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2019. 305x215mm, 676pp, col photos throughout with distrib maps, ratings guide and flowering period charts for each species, laminated hardcover.

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Magnificent reference. Over 600 species, both native and exotic, from ground covers to the tallest eucalypt, are organised by plant family. With excellent ID photos of flower and whole plant for all species (and more where required, eg bark, buds and fruit of eucalypts), as well as distribution maps, a flowering period chart, a star rating to help with choice of species when selecting hive sites or if you are planting, and further helpful text on each species. This star rating is unique, and has been developed over many years through conversations with beekeepers; by extensive chemical analysis of the nutritional value of pollens; by survey information; and by referencing the earlier literature. Distribution covers all of NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, most of South Australia, and Queensland to just north of Fraser Island. A landmark publication.

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