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  • White Beech

    White Beech: The rainforest years – Hardcover

    $39.99 $19.99

    Inspirational rehabilitation story. This high-energy, creative woman quietly bought a 50 hectare patch of rainforest/farm in southern Queensland in 2001, which she and her botanist sister then started to mend. Full of information, insight, strong feelings, stirring stories and a few challenges. Where would we be without a few challenges from Germaine? Just wonderful. We now have the hardcover available at the softcover price, normally $39.95, down to $19.99. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

    ISBN: 9781408846711

  • White Beech

    White Beech: The rainforest years – softcover

    $19.99 $14.99

    I knew she had bought a patch of rainforest some 12 years ago in SE Qld but had no idea of the strength of her involvement and commitment to rehabilitating it. As well here, we get her deep research into the Aboriginal inhabitants, the white pioneers, timber cutters and farmers; its flora and fauna. Very readable. (Hardcover also available $33.99 from us.) STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

    ISBN: 9781408846735